June 1, 2008

Run Daddy Run!


He completed 26.2 miles in the 2008 Rock-n-Roll Marathon today! I could not be more proud of him and his training, commitment, fundraising, and follow-through. He raised almost $1800 for The Luekemia & Lymphoma Society - an organization near and dear to our family (see my What About Bob blog). Rene's father passed away in 1999 of Luekemia so he was doubly motivated to complete this marathon not only in honor of me but in memory of him.

On a Ruby note, she was an absolute gem today (no pun intended). We had a very long day of car rides, trolley rides, long walks, shuttle (aka smelly buses) rides, and hours of waiting around to deal with today and she ddn't once act a fool! On the long walk back to the trolley from the finish line she even fell asleep in my Maya Wrap (I'm sooooo thankful that I hadn't given it away yet and that I remembered to bring it - Rene's idea). Ruby and I went swimming after we got home and rested awhile. This kid must have been inspired by the guts daddy showed today because she was a daredevil in the pool - jumping in the deep end, going deep underwater (where I'd catch her and pull her up), and begging for "Mo!?"

What a truely amazingly spirited family I have. I am honored that these people chose me to shack up with in this lifetime!
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