July 14, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Rene and I have now made it 6 years! It has been a hard couple of years but it felt REALLY nice to have an anniversary that matched those of our earlier years.

We sent Ruby to Kathleen's (her daycare provider) and went out to dinner at a luxerious restaurant called Blanca (a very Top Chef experience). We started the night with some cocktails and a horrible appetizer of "Yellowtail Two ways". I'm not kidding when I say that one of the ways smelled like a really bad fart - NOT an appetizing odor. Rene was a doll and ate all of the offensive smelling poached radishes immediately so we didn't have to smell it anymore. This was the ONLY bad part of the meal/experience. We then moved on to a can't-go-wrong of Oysters on the Half Shell. Then came the entrees...I had a corn crusted halibut on a bed of bacon risotto and Rene had bacon warpped scallops. They were both to die for but Rene's was slightly better :) Then, oh then, was dessert! A sampler of Meyer lemon Cheescake, warm Rocky Road chocolate cake w/ marshmallow cream, chocolate ice cream, and butterscotch pot-d-creme (pudding) w/ salted carmel on top. Dessert was absolutely hypnotic!

We then picked up our beautiful daughter, took her home, read her a story, and put her to bed. And for the first time she repeated back to me what I have said to her everynight of her life as I lay her to bed, "namaste". What a perfect evening!

Rene and I discussed the future and what we want for our relationship and our family. This time next year, we might even be talking about a sibling for Ruby. for now, we are just enjoying each other again...and leraning how to communicate with eachother in a more evolved way. And even though we both still get under eachother's skin from time to time, we really are in love again!

I love you Rene!