August 2, 2007

hey there dj ruby

We're hittin' the road & we need music...

Since daddy has been giving Ruby music appreciation every morning thanks to itunes & you tube, she is in charge of making our road trip play lists. She really does have a knack for a good mix. She bumps to Beyonce & Outkast and then bangs her head to Bad Religion & Pennywise.

We're headed out on our first family road trip tonight. We're driving just past LA tonight and then the rest of the way to the Bay Area tomorrow. It's my cousin's wedding tomorrow night and I'm thrilled to show our precious Ruby off to the family. Most of them haven't seen her since Christmas or even last summer when she was only weeks old. I'm sure we will have tons of fabulous pictures to show & stories to tell when we get back.

Wish us happy travels and a peaceful passenger...cross your fingers!

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