July 25, 2007

she's officially a toddler

She is officially ONE year old!

Ruby turned one yesterday and we let her eat cake...She devoured ever last bite - it was hilarious! Surprisingly enough she went right to bed afterwards and had a perfect night sleep. Aaaahhhh, chocolate ecstasy!

Ruby's new birthday shoes...we found an awesome pair of baby/toddler shoes that have the best of leather soft soles & rubber insets. These Rile Roos are her first (of I'm sure to be many) pair of Ruby Slippers. They go perfectly with the beautiful hand loomed dress from Guatemala that Ruby's Tia Holly brought back from her recent visit. I decided that Ruby needs other colors in her life besides pink. After all, she's not a baby anymore (she told me to say that - wink wink).


rachel said...

i LOVE these pics and your awesome sense of humor and style! so honored i could be a part of the first ruby slipper purchase.luv, rachel

rachel said...

oh, ps, the cake on the face is priceless!