July 23, 2007

teenager in training

Wow, I see the future. She really is a mini version of me. Already into my jewelry and on the phone all the time. She poses for the camera with crazy awareness - like she's posing for the paparazzi. She knows the power of her smile - all full of new teeth.

Her nursing strike, diarrhea, crappy mood phase from last week is over - thank god! She has been so much fun these past few days.

We went to our 4th first birthday party on Saturday night and she partied hardy with all her friends. We took a plate of food home for daddy and on the way back Ruby got hungry. The only thing on the plate that was edible for her was a corn dog (albeit a turkey corn dog). I handed it to her thinking she would play with it but before my eyes the kid starting noshing away. She ate that whole corn dog! This girl is no longer a baby, that's all I have to say.

What a year this has been...tomorrow is her birthday.

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rachel said...

you sure know how to make a girl smile! the outfit photographs greatly on her. so much personality in you two!