July 12, 2007

breastfeeding manifesto - i love it!

So I finally found someone out there who unapologetically feels the same way I do about public breastfeeding. Most of my other mom friends seem to be fine with breastfeeding in public...with other mothers but are soon to cover up and/or remove themselves & baby when men or other non-familiar people are around. I, on the other hand, could care less who is around, watching, or judging. Call me a free-spirit, call me an exhibitionist. Both might be true; however, rest assured that my goal in public breastfeeding is not to "show 'em my tits!!" as in some Girls Gone Wild video but rather to feed my child. What an amazing gift it is that my body has not only created and grown her from sperm & egg but that I can now nourish and sustain her health and vitality from my own body. My body, which by the way, has suffered from cancer and cancer treatments in the past. My body had all but given up on me a few years ago and now it can grow & feed a new life. Are you kidding me? I'm not hiding/covering/being discreet about shit!!!! I am so amazingly thankful for this body. This is my superhero power - I can breastfeed!

Now, if I can only get little Ruby to stop this nursing strike - I can go back to practicing what I preach!

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