July 13, 2007

5 year anniversary

Yeah! I see the light at the end of the tunnel with this nursing strike! She actually took my breast twice this morning! I knew if I just had patience she would find her way back. The poor thing has just felt awful the past few days with these teeth coming in. She took a four hour nap yesterday and when she got up she had a pretty high fever. She ate a banana like it was THE most amazing thing EVER! The doctor ordered Tylenol & Pedialyte and by this morning she was back to normal. I'm assuming whatever tooth it was that was causing so much grief finally popped through - I wouldn't know since she won't let me in her mouth to check it out.

Today is my 5 year wedding anniversary with Rene. What a crazy, up-and-down 5 years it has been. Things are really good right here, right now. We are learning to take each other & this marriage one day at a time. The good days inspire us for more good days and the bad days give us something to learn from. In fact we got in a big fight yesterday morning and by 10:00am we had actually worked through it with a lot of learning on both our parts.

Last night Rene organized a babysitter and an evening out with a bunch of our friends at one of my favorite San Diego joints (The Turf Club). I got all dolled up and did my makeup & hair. I felt really sexy for the first time in LONG time. Rene was so cute on the way down there in the car. He was obviously really happy and chatty. I said something about it and he said, "Hell yeah I'm happy, I'm goin' out with my girl!!" It felt like we were on a real date. We even ended up at a karaoke bar and I got up and sung (well, I really doubt you can call it singing). We had a lot of fun!! It felt really good to be out and about. Although I was checking my phone for babysitter calls all night and I found myself constantly trying to talk about something other than Ruby.

Today the three of us going to the beach to celebrate our anniversary as a family. On our honeymoon in Tahiti we said that every five years we would go back. Well, here we are five years later and no Tahiti. But we do have a beautiful, perfect San Diego beach five minutes from our house. Not bad at all.


Corie said...

#1 Bananas ARE the most amazing thing ever.

#2 You are really sexy...don't forget that.

rachel said...

this is really lovely. thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and positivity out to all of us