July 11, 2007

nursing strike redux

So Ruby is on a nursing strike. Hold off the boobie!! It actually seems offensive to her to even think about mommy's milk - be it from my breast or a bottle. She's basically not into anything to "drink" other than water. She's hungry as all get out though. She'll gobble up just about anything I put in front of her.

I've done tons of research on this subject, as this is our second nursing strike. The first time around I felt horrible. I felt like an "empty-nester" - she doesn't need/want me anymore. I soon discovered it had nothing to do with how she feels about me but just about everything to do with her new teeth. Imagine how frustrated she must be. This time around I'm trying to stay much more calm; knowing that this strike won't last forever. I thought I was done pumping but I had to drag that thing out again. I did not miss feeling like a electronically expressed cow - sexy!

It does illicit the fear of this soon being over though. I truly cherish my bonding with her and am sad to imagine a time when I'm the one person who can and will embarrass the hell out of her.

For now, I just pray that she'll find her way back to the comfort of my breast. Boobs rule!

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