July 10, 2007

happy birthday g-ma!

Ruby's namkesake grandma turns 42 (wink wink) today. Have an awesome day mamma mackin!

As for Ruby...

The teeth are coming in like crazy!! Check out this chart of how & when they are supposed to come in...

She originally got her two bottom teeth first several months ago. Then a few weeks ago all four front top ones started popping through - are you kidding me?? The poor kid was not happy! Just when she/I have gotten used to her new pearly whites it looks like she's got four more coming in. Oh boy, now she's really grouchy! I pray for them to pop through soon!! This kid could be eating steak soon -sheesh! She's taking a late nap right now which I'm actually encouraging. She has been so irritable with these new developments.

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Yoga Mama said...

Hi, Heather!! So sorry to hear about Ruby's teething woes. Have you tried any of the homeopathic remedies? The Hylands teething tablets work really well when Kaia's having a hard time with the toothies.

See you soon!